Beer Drinking and Conservation Meet at the Dumpster

This is a city dumpster for bottle recycling. I had enough bottles in the garage I was tripping over them every time I went into the garage. After kicking enough bottles across the floor, I had enough. It was time to take the bottles to the dumpster before I had broken glass all over the garage floor.

Walking towards the bottle recycling dumpster I started to smell beer. The beer smell became stronger with each step closer to the dumpster. When I entered my bottle collection into the bowels of the dumpster, there was no doubt as to the source of the beer smell.

Beer Drinkers seem to be better recyclers

Beer Drinkers seem to be better recyclers

I deduced from my  observation,beer drinkers, at least in my neighborhood, are a very conservation minded group. The bottom foot or so of the dumpster contained almost all beer bottles with a few wine bottles in the mix.

Curiously, the beer bottles were mostly a few good brands. An odd coincidence I am sure. My paltry addition of mixed bottles did little to change the ratio of beer bottles to other bottles in the dumpster.

Hats off and three cheers to beer drinking conservationists and recyclers! Where would we be without them!