Voyager Linux, Cadillac Style Built on Xubuntu LTS

I installed Voyager Linux a few weeks ago on my desktop, and have been playing with Voyager on and off since. Voyager is Xubuntu dressed to the nines. Voyager makes no claim to be anything but Xubuntu with a fresh look and some modifications. Those add-ons and modifications make Voyager mighty pleasing to the eye.

In the speed department, Voyager is no slouch considering it is Xubuntu dressed up. I found Voyager to be crisp, fast and solid, even after updates, which is an area where other distributions have fallen flat on their faces. XFCE and Docky are running the desktop, with a quick launch bar on the right side, with links to all four screens, selected programs, and system stats.

Voyager is a French distribution based currently based on Xubuntu 14.04.01 LTS, giving it a rock solid base and a long life. I first heard of Voyager a few years ago. I tried Voyager, but at the time I was not swayed to move away from the distribution I was using.

Why is Voyager different? Voyager does not call itself a new distribution which it is not, but refers to itself as “a personalization Xubuntu”, which is correct. Think of Xubuntu all dressed up and ready to show off.

Voyager Linux

Xubuntu with excellent modifications

Voyager is Xubuntu upgraded even to include modifications made to in the Firefox browser. There are other software additions that fill gaps and add choices. A well thought out mixture of programs that everyone should find useful.

Voyager installation is Ubuntu install so I won’t bore you with it. Ubuntu has made installation as simple and boring as possible and that is what you get.

While I am on the fence about switching to Voyager in the moment, Voyager is made made for someone like me. I want fast over pretty, and I want pretty over base install. Voyager is as fast as Xubuntu and more pleasing to the eye. It will stay on my hard drive so I can play with it and see if Voyager reaches out and grabs me.

I enjoy XFCE for what it adds to the speed side of the Linux desktop. I do not enjoy XFCE in its basic state. I also am not someone who derives pleasure from dressing up my desktop. That is where Voyager shines. No one is going to see Voyager on your desktop and think it is too plain, or too slow. I imagine anyone who sees Voyager on your desktop will want to know what is, and where you found it.

In finishing, Voyager is Ubuntu dressed up for a very special Friday Night. Voyager comes in both 32 and 64 bit flavors. There is one fun quirk in Voyager, and that is the software center. Parts of it on the main screen are in French. I find it refreshing, and not a deterrent, as most of us already what programs we want to add.

If you want XFCE on your desktop and are not inclined to dress it up, but want a polished desktop and an excellent selection of programs, Voyager belongs on your computer.

Release the Music in You

Short version: Weak pitch for you to take up playing an instrument to add more fun to your life.

When I was young, I sang in the school choir. When my voice started to change, it was hard to keep an interest in choir when you sound like a frog. I wanted to do keep something musical as I love music.

I decided I would join the school band. I went to the band room, and the teacher was busy in his office with another student. I thought playing with the drums would be a fun way to kill a few minutes. Wrong! Playing with the school drum set was the end of any chance of my playing in the band for the rest of the school year.

Over the summer I bought a Harmonica. I did not know anything about Harmonicas, never heard one played, or what you would play on it. It came with a few pages of information and a few simple songs. I almost mastered Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and maybe one or two other songs before I set it down. That was the end of the Harmonica for the summer as school started.

I was admitted into the school band around October of that year. I wanted to play the Saxophone. The only seat open was Clarinet. I swallowed my pride and tried my best. The next fall I was still struggling. Playing the clarinet was not coming easily. We had a new band teacher, and when I started to play in my first lesson, he broke out laughing.

I had been playing with my hands backwards for over a year. That explained why I was finding clarinet so difficult. It was a struggle to press the right buttons to create the correct sound. It may have been the old band teachers idea punishment for touching his drum set and he never stopped his joke on me. At any rate, I never caught on to correct play, and I left the school band.

Over the years the music bug would bite me, and I would head off to wherever they sold musical instruments. All I could afford would be a Harmonica. The new Harmonica came with the same four little pages of instruction, same lack of knowing what a Harmonica could really do.

Recently the music bug bit me again. I talked with a friend of mine who is the best guitar player I know about buying and learning guitar. You know sitting around the campfire strumming and singing Kumbaya. In five minutes and five simple questions he convinced me Guitar was not for me. Not enough time to learn it, and lack of any real passion to play it.

Get a Harmonica

Harmonica’s are cheap to buy, fun to play, and put a smile on your face!

I was ready to head off to the music store for yet another Harmonica, when I thought I should check my drawers to see if I had any Harmonicas tucked away. I found one, two…a total of five harmonicas forgotten in as many different places. Finding so many Harmonicas, I decided maybe Harmonica is the instrument I should be playing.

Getting on the net, a whole world of Harmonica opened up for me. Web pages galore, videos, and so much more. So much information. I discovered that over half of my Harmonicas were little more than kids toys due to poor quality construction lending to awful tones and difficulty playing.

Once again I found myself driving to the closest music store, this time armed with a list of good harmonicas, and about forty dollars. Ten minutes and forty-two something dollars later, I was walking out of the store with a Harmonica almost any pro would play on stage if he plays that brand of harmonica.

It is worth mentioning that with Harmonicas there is no need to throw a lot of money at them. Less than sixty dollars is all you need to spend for a quality Harmonica.

A whole new world has opened up for me! A whole new way of expression, a hobby I really enjoy and laugh over. I never realized there was so much music in me waiting to get out! My music is mostly off key noise right now, but it is so much fun!

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, are pretty sorry to hear, and that is okay. This time I am approaching the Harmonica like a child does. Playing with the Harmonica. Not trying to force the Harmonica to do what I think it should do and getting frustrated in the process. What a difference in both what I am learning and how much I am enjoying the Harmonica!

Everything will come together at some point in the future, and I will be okay with someone hearing me play a blues riff, Amazing Grace, or a popular song. Right now however, I am enjoying playing around and learning proper basic technique. Playing a song and having it sound as it should is a low priority. This will happen when I am comfortable with the basics.

I am putting this out here to interest you in taking up some simple musical instrument for your own pleasure. Your voice and whistling are free. A good quality harmonica can be had for less than sixty dollars.

I put up a separate page with a few harmonica links I have found helpful. My harmonica experience is less than 21 days, so take my list for what it is, links to a few web pages and youtube videos I enjoy. I am overwhelmed by how many world class harmonica players are out there with youtube videos and web sites offering instruction for very reasonable fees.

So if you are like me, and find yourself with time to fill and a music void, I recommend you do a little reading, and decide what fits your needs for a beginning Harmonica. Your Harmonica will pay for itself in no time, rewarding you with more fun than you thought possible from something you can drop in a pocket.

You too can master, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, in almost no time.

What New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions we have made. So what do we go now as they are starting to slip away? Has anyone resolved there resolutions in a manner that accomplishes long term change? Somewhat typical resolutions may be:

1. Eat less sweets

2. Be more polite

3. Exercise more

We mean well when we make our resolutions. We intend to follow each and every resolution. Weeks one, two, and three go by and we are holding our own. We are keeping up with our resolutions. We are making positive difference in our life.

Then life starts to get in the way. Change happens. Change happens whether we want to change or not. Our New Year resolutions are starting to slip. Little by little different areas of focus are entering our life. Our family, friends, and work are starting to demand we pay attention to them too.

Door Number?

New Years Resolution Blues

We are entering the danger zone of New Years Resolutions. All our good intentions and hopes for the coming year are starting to fade. Are we destined to fail once again as our resolutions slowly move to the back burner of our life.

Lucky for you, it does not have to be that way. You can reactivate your fading resolutions by becoming proactive with them. The problem with resolutions is they are often made with no support net in place. Instead of holding to our resolutions, they start falling into the abyss of things ignored.

Which means it is decision time. Do you want to salvage and hold yourself to your resolutions, or do you want to let them fade away? If you want to revive and keep your resolutions alive, help is at hand.

When we resolve to do something, we are serious in the moment. Moments are pieces of time, and new moments arrive faster than we would like sometime. What is missing from our resolutions is structure. We need structure in our resolutions to be successful.

Think of your number one resolution. This resolution certainly sounded good when we made it. Now it feels a little distant, and we feel a little lost. We need a plan. A resolution without a plan is a hard thing to keep alive. Finding alternative structure and removing temptation are keys to success.

Go through your New Years Resolutions and come up with a real plan for each one. How are you going to let them succeed? How will you keep them active and alive? Make it easy to follow your resolution by not having to remember after the fact. Get proactive. Once you get proactive, you will find it easy to make more changes in your life.

American Beefcake

I watched a Lion pride documentary that was quite interesting. A small group of three Lions infringed on the hunting grounds of the Kushna(?) Pride Lions. After the second infringement, two of the local prides male lions decided the offenders needed to be taught a lesson. They chased down the invading lions, one young male and a two female lions.

One of the local male Lions raped one of the female lions. The second male lion’s action towards the offending young male lion was much more severe and disturbing. The second local male lion ran down the young male infringing lion. They started to fight, but the younger lion realized it was over powered by the much larger and experienced male lion.

If the young male lion tried to fight he would be killed by the much larger and stronger male lion. He had no choice or relinquish his bid at equality and submit to the male lion which he did. He laid down and offered no resistance to the attacking male lion.

It wasn’t obvious to me at least, but the larger male Lion did much more than show off his dominance over the younger male lion by prancing around and biting the younger lion. The older male while showing off his dominance, performed a lion version of castration on the young lion.

These two possibly disparate actions were both taken by two male lions at separate times. One male lion a rapist, the second lion performing a cruel castration. There can be no doubt these acts were not random for this pride of lions at least.

I mention these acts by the two male lions to make the point that animals, like humans think and make choices. This brings me to the meat, no pun intended of this post about Beef, Pork and Poultry. Along with the fact there are too many people who are homophobic.

Sexual preference is not contagious

Sexual preference is not contagious

People who think that gay related conversation, close proximity to a gay person(s), or social interaction with a gay person, will infect them with the much feared Gay Virus, which unlike the flu, is not recoverable from. Homophobe’s fear they will themselves become Gay. There over reaction in the presence of gay men and women is similar that of the two male lions.

Many dog owners know, some dogs are not fussy about their sexual preferences. Owners legs, anyone’s leg, inanimate objects, and of course other male dogs are fair game for sex with some dogs.

The same is true of horses, cattle, and other domesticated animals. Which brings me back to people who are Homophobic. If being in the vicinity of gay people makes a grown man quiver with fear of contamination, how much worse is it to be eating meat of an animal that may have been same sex oriented while it was alive?

Eating meat like beef and pork is our way of replenishing and rebuilding our body. The muscle of animals is converted into muscle and tissue in our body. Science supports this conversion. The technology exists to take a sample of muscle tissue from our body and identify its source, beef chicken or pork.

If you are homophobic, this should make you quite nervous. Do you really want to have gay animal muscle tissue part of your body? I mean think about it. Gay animal tissue replacing your old worn out, homophobic muscle tissue. Kind of scary isn’t it? If you are concerned about being exposed to the “Gay Virus”.

For anyone so homophobic that being in the vicinity of a LBGT could contaminate you to the point where you lose your Macho Male Self and start taking on LBGT traits, how much worse is it having your body use building blocks from a LBGT animal to replace and restore muscle and other tissue in your own body?

You may already be unknowingly contaminated. Food choices has made you fearful you may be hiding in the closet. Perhaps the years of meat consumption are overwhelming you with LBGT feelings that are not your own?  How about a nice big Steak or Pork Chop to calm down? How about a nice piece of fried Chicken?

To be more serious, Homophobia is rampant. It is also as false as the idea of eating gay meat will make you gay. If you are one of the Homophobes scarred for your sexual identity, it is time to either grow up or get help. Becoming a vegetarian couldn’t hurt either.

Faster and Simpler Sink Cleaning

Just a quick note about how to clean and rinse your kitchen and bathroom sinks easier and faster. If you are like many people and do not have a sprayer on your sink, you probably get the sides of your sink wet the standard way, pouring water from a cup or pan.

This needs to be done at the beginning such as the sink in the example, and again when done cleaning. Water needs to be used as a rinse, carrying dirt and gunk down the drain.

If you look closely at the picture you will see a method of risning totally different which you may want to try. I am holding a spoon and using the spoon to direct the water where I want it to go.

Simple Sink Rinsing

Simple way to rinse your sink

Change the spoons direction, and change where the water flow. Lift the spoon higher, and wet or rinse the highest areas of your sink. While using a spoon won’t save on elbow grease, using a spoon speeds up the clean and rinse process.

Melancholy Reminders of Family Past

A phone call from the past last evening made me realize how much I really miss my sister Lana. She was nuts, but she was always there for me. She would go off on these tangents of thought. Wasps for example. I never really thought about Wasps, but Lana was consumed by them for months on end.

She asked me during one phone call if I ever noticed how high tech Wasps were? I had to admit, I really had not given wasps a lot of thought. Lana pointed out to me how their insect body shape was different than other insects. They looked as if they wore helmets. They were streamlined, made for flying fast. Lana thought they came from a different place than most insects. Some high tech aliens introduced them to the earth was a possibility.

I listened to Lana talk for hours on end over the course of a summer about how cool and unique Wasps are. She was feeding a Wasp colony, and wrote the editor of the local paper about it. The paper published almost of her letters over the years. Humor maybe? It did not matter to Lana. Something as uniquely odd as feeding Wasps sugar water was perfectly normal in Lana’s thinking.

When Lana wore herself out about Wasps, she would get around to me. It was an expectation that I had come across or was thinking about something oddly unique. I do not remember much about my end of the conversations, it has been a while. For some conversations I would struggle to come up with a topic, thinking what I would say why she prattled away. Generally I would choose a topic Lana would relate too.

Sometimes Lana amazed me with her insights. Other times, she would go through three or four phone calls hashing over something that was important only to her. Lana made a connection between whales, dolphins, and birds one year during one of the single topic multi conversations we shared.

Lana told me that God created certain animals that performed specific duties for the earth. Sea mammals, some fish, and birds all had a specific role. Through their calls and chatter, they introduced and maintained a calmness over the earth, in the air and the sea. Without these animals, Lana told me, all animals would live in excessive fear because there would be no calming voices in the background of our hearing.

I shared her thoughts with friends at times. Frozen looks, and no response were the norm. I did not mind, her fixation was never ordinary. Often it took a leap in thinking to get to her level. I was okay with it.

Melancholy MemoriesLove and relationships were out of the question. Taboo to put it mildly. She had lost any normal feelings of love and family, thirty years ago. We traded letters and talked in person when I was in town, and over the phone for almost thirty-five years. “I love you”, was never once uttered.

Anything tribal, Native American, or low IQ people were off limits. This was the domain of the ‘nuts’ part of Lana. I would listen to her berate, lament, and attack these groups of people for what would seem hours. Then she would get it out of her system, and she would return to almost normal.

I was able to share many parts of my private life, and my private thoughts with Lana when she was connected with the idea that her brother was on the other end of the phone. I think that was the greatest thing about having a Sister whose connection with reality was fragile.

Lana was a steel trap about my innermost thoughts. Nothing I told Lana in three decades ever went from Lana to another person. All my secrets were safe with Lana. I could express my fear, frustrations, and occasionally my warped thinking with her. Lana would take each utterance of mine, dissect it, rehash it, and find some value in it for me, unless it infringed on one of her taboo topics. When I infringed on a taboo area, the phone would end shortly.

I would wonder what I was giving Lana, that she needed in return for her listening to me. After some years, it became obvious we were different sides of the same coin. I listened to Lana and she listened to me. For Lana it was enough of a connection, probably the only one she could make. For me, Lana was my repository of thoughts that would never really see the light of day.

Lana spent most of her adult life seeing counselors in one form or another. Maybe she took on that role when it was my turn to create conversation. Maybe she was really interested in what I had to say.

There are parts of all of us that should never see the light of day for various reasons. They need to remain in the cracks and crevices of our mind. I know now, how fortunate I was to have a sister like Lana. She did not mind that I too had a side of me that was not public I could share with her. Maybe we kept each balanced.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Dust Bunny Collection

List or numbers posts are getting silly. A blog post used to be an article about one general idea. Until some bright SEO driven marketer, wanting to drive more traffic to their site came up with topic titles using lists.

“How to improve your Dust Bunny Collection” would have been a popular post title in the past.

This type of post could be hashed and rehashed into several different follow-up posts, all focused on collection, care, and maintenance of Dust Bunny Collections.

MadBunnyAmbitious Bloggers or web site owners focused on marketing decided they needed to one up single topic posts. They started producing posts with thought provoking titles such as:

“Two ways to improve your Dust Bunny Collection”

Of course this was the beginning of the numbers trend in post titles for web content. Everyone was producing content with their post titles starting with numbers. One way to… Two slick ways to… Three unbelievable ways to…rehash Dust Bunny Collections.

Eventually numbers two and three in a post title became passé. Those sharp marketing guru’s out on the bleeding edge decided to up the ante:

“Five great ways to improve your Dust Bunny Collection” became the new norm. If you couldn’t come up with at least five creative ways to improve someones Dust Bunny Collection, you were behind the power curve in the SEO marketing world. It was probably time to throw your keyboard away.

If you have a garden variety reading interest like I do, you may notice that five ways is being supplanted by six or seven ways. Those marketers out on the leading edge of going one better seem to have skipped a few numbers.

The newest numbers trend I am reading on the web these days is:

“Ten ways to improve your Dust Bunny Collection”

Soon ten ways will not be enough. Maybe a dozen or more ways to improve your Dust Bunny Collection is more fitting? Create e-books maybe? I can hardly wait.

Has content fallen to quantity? Content no longer seems as important as quantity. Content is stolen, filtered and reposted almost as fast as it appears.

It is all about the numbers now, both post titles and web traffic. You the reader are ebing cheated. What happens if I am curious about one specific item about my Dust Bunny collection? What if I want to know whether I should spray each of my precious bunnies with hair spray to help them last longer?

Do I need to read repetitive clone posts containing a dozen or more ways to maintain my Dust Bunny Collection when I want advice on one specific item? How did we ever manage before marketing and post titles by the numbers became so popular?

There are times where a number of points are better to cover a topic, or make a point. These times are limited however. Do I really wish to read 11 points I already know about looking for one great insight to put my Dust Bunny Collection over the top? Why waste my time in this manner, reading  watered content. I bet you do not want to waste your time reading rehash either.

I find myself skipping articles I may be interested in when the title starts off with numbers. I would rather read a post about what I want to know rather than waste my time on an article I have to wade through looking for something, which may not even be there.

Shame on me for wasting your time. Excessive reading about Dust Bunny Collections, and what did you learn? I suppose this post is really lacking in quality, though it is filled to the brim with quantity.

New Sheriff in Town

I think the website OSnews is  fishing for comments or missed the mark completely on this article. The article makes a point that a 2003 post which states if Linux is to dominate the world of computers Linux needs to have one and only one desktop.

While the thought has some merit, it has too many fallacies to be treated as anything but noise. Anyone care to drive one specific model of car, sleep in the same brand name bed, eat the same meals as the rest of the world? I think not.

We live in a world filled with choices. Linux is one of the best OS choices for many. Some Linux users obviously feel it is important that Linux as an Operating System rule the world, and dominate Microsoft and Apple. For myself, I need to use all three Operating Systems, and as far as I can see into the future, no single OS has an edge on the other.

NewSheriffinTownI would think we (as in the whole world) have had enough of world domination attempts to know they do not work, and why they are not good for all people. Linux, Microsoft, and Apple are no exception to this idea of domination.. If Linux were to become the worlds OS of choice, Linux would be seen as another Microsoft or Apple, only worse, and a new OS would rise from the trenches and become the favorite of those who are able to make their own choices.

As for OSnews, I hope they achieved their objective, whatever it is.

Fearful or Fearless Living

Do you find or have you noticed how fear based we live? I mean really. If you have children or remember your childhood, who was always lurking, waiting to get you when you least expected it?

Do you know how many predators are on the Internet waiting to get into your head? Is your credit card, checking, bank account safe? How about your credit score, is someone in this instant stealing your identity?

Does your computer have a virus? Are the locks on your doors good enough? DO you have insurance if everything you own is stolen? How about your life? Can you afford a long hospital stay if you are hurt. Can you afford to have yourself buried?

I refuse to live in a fear based world, and live a fear based life. I am on a one way trip, and if I have to be here, I want to enjoy myself. I want to live a full life. I accept risk is a part of living.
I like people most days. I talk to strangers frequently, even when they do not respond or reply. I talk with homeless people. I occasionally pick up hitchhikers. I don’t pretend to be on my cell phone when someone is walking down the street towards me. I also try not to be stupid.

I like to take walks in different places. Sometimes I take those walks at night down dimly lit streets in strange cities, when I have no idea if I am in a safe part of town or not.

I started hitchhiking when I was eight. I was still hitchhiking at 26 in a foreign country. I walked the streets of a city in Korea alone. I walked in Jerusalem and enjoyed myself. I found myself lost in the wrong part of town in Gary, Indiana. I walked the streets in the bad part of town in South Chicago.

Only once, did I have a gun pointed in my face. I thought I could walk down the barrel of that pistol with my arms spread wide and not touch the sides of the barrel. Guess what? It was my own fault. I was young and stupid, and shot my mouth off to the wrong people. I was in a part of Minneapolis, where gangs were a way of life at that time. I lived in a town of six square miles at the time. I was ignorant.

It was 01:40 in the morning when I clicked on Yahoo. Below are some of the headlines. In one way or another, these headlines are meant to arouse fear in you. If you feel no fear, the headlines want to introduce the possibility of fear. Suggesting you are doing, not doing, know or do not know something you should. Some of the fears are personal, others are national, and some are vague. These are all fear based headlines in one way or another.

Of the Moment: Brazilian Wax in Crisis: A Report

Make this monster pay a price: Why we needed to hear from Dick Cheney one last time

7 Things the Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

Supreme Court Says Ignorance Of The Law Is An Excuse — If You’re A Cop

‘Melting Away,’ Camille Seaman’s photographs of fragile Arctic icebergs

Police: Utah man tried to kidnap child actress

Beers Americans No Longer Drink

What would happen if the Yellowstone supervolcano actually erupted?

What You Need to Watch on Netflix Before It Expires in January

Lost in the Fog with Alzheimer’s

‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Questions Beverly Johnson Over Bill Cosby Allegedly Attacking Her (Video)

40 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb

Russia to Retaliate Against the US Over Sanctions, Troops and Warheads Ready

The Truth About Bananas

The Scary Thing One Couple Did For 365 Days Straight To Save Their Marriage

America: Australia’s Dangerous Ally”

So you lost a shoe

Life is for living and having fun

You may not even realize you live in fear. Think about what you take for granted. Chester the Molester does not live next door to you. Monsters are not under your bed. Strangers are not people to be scared of. Mexicans and other illegals are not living the high life while you struggle to make ends meet. The world is probably not going to end next week.

If you are a Parent raising children in a fear based environment, think about what you are doing to your children, banishing them to a fear based life too.

Santa Clause, and not God rewards good children, and occasionally punishes bad children. Your child’s bedroom floor does not become alive with snakes when the lights go out. Tens of thousands of people died today, and tens of thousands of people will die tomorrow many of hunger, whether your children eat all their food or not.

Sure, horrible things happen to good people. Every day there are reports about bad things happening to good people. People are kidnapped, raped, and killed on a daily basis. You are still here, and you are safe.

People are also doing good things every day, trying to make a difference. Helping those who need food, clothing, or shelter. Reading books to children in the school library. Taking the time to open the door, carry groceries, or help in any number of ways. Every day tens of thousands of people are volunteering, helping where help is needed.

Each of us has one life. We can spend it living in fear, or we can spend it knowing that for the most part, every person we see tomorrow may be a better person than we are.

Living a fear based life keeps you small, doing the least you can do. The only change is change for the worse. Living in reality, and accepting something could happen to you, but probably never will, opens the door to the life you really want to live.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven

If you have watched the movie, “Heaven is for real”, you can relate to this post. Or maybe if you have watched this movie recently. Myself, I think I have watched it four or so times this month. The movie may have really reached out and grabbed me. Or maybe there was nothing else I wanted to watch in the moment. Maybe it was planned that way just for me.

Not so much the little boy and his visit to heaven, but some of the ideas in the movie reached out and caught my attention. One of these ideas I find fascinating. The part where the Dad comes back to the church to preach again.

He has a few words written on a sheet of paper. He doesn’t seem to have any real idea what he is going to say to fill in the rest of his talk. I won’t do any quoting as I probably have it out of context, but two ideas from this scene really made an impression on me.

The first thought is, if we were all in heaven, would we be doing anything differently than we are right now? This is something many people (I think) have not given any serious thought to, other than perhaps when we say our prayers, if that is something we do, or we go to church services.

What would we be doing different if we were in heaven? I really do not see many of us competing with the angels in the singing department. Nor do I see many of us in a church setting for most of our waking day, every day.

SwingingSomething that really stuck out for me was the phrase, ‘On earth as it is in heaven’. This, I thought, is something I never really gave any thought to. If we are average people trying to do the right thing, is what we do and how we manage our day akin to what we would be doing in heaven?

Would we have a family we love to be with, work of some type we want to do. Places to go and people to see? What would we be doing if we were in heaven right now? Would we be friendlier, more caring, more responsible? Better yet, what are people we think are in heaven doing right now if that is where they are?

Does technology exist in heaven? Computers, telephones, Internet, cars, television, radio? Are the musicians out of work in heaven? What about those of us who may barely squeezed past the gates? Are we better people in heaven, having insight not available to us on earth? Would we have sex, love, and rock and roll, an expensive car to drive, gourmet meals every day if we choose them?

Is it our responsibility to bring heaven down to earth? If it is, we could do better. We have our moments, some of us have our days, months, years, and decades, but they are isolated pockets in our day to day world.

Maybe that is why the idea is brought up in the movie about there being no time in heaven. Maybe we are bringing heaven to earth, but it is a very, very slow process?

Our lives and health are better than they have ever been. Maybe as we live longer, we grow wiser, make better decisions, and do better at making our life here as it is in heaven. I would like to think so. If we are living healthier, longer lives, and all we are doing is existing, living day to day, focused on ourselves, is that enough?

What do you think about us here on earth, and heaven being some place else? What is the earth, heaven relationship?