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My name is Michael. This is a personal, one person blog. I am the content producer, photographer, and editor. Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes – not so good. I am not in competition with anyone, and I am not selling a product.

You do not need to register, though I appreciate if you take the time to leave a comment? I like to share what I learn and know. It is my hope something you read helps you or adds to your life. I know that won’t come from my chess thoughts, or Linux posts, but there is a lot to read here. Hopefully, one post was written just for you!

I am changing some of my blog. I have this interest problem. I find more to be interested in and write about than one focused blog can manage. I enjoy blogs that focus on a small slice of interests, say mushrooms that only grow under oak trees in valleys. They have their place, and it is important.

In my case, I am curious and always have been. I also like to write. This is not a commercial blog. I do not make any money from it, and no one has offered money to me to keep writing.

If you enjoy what you read here, let your friends know.

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