10K a Day During Covid Shut-In

I thought thirty days of 10,000 steps a day would be a lot of commitment. Turns out, it was not difficult at all. The benefits are amazing though. In thirty days, I have lost ten pounds, several over all inches, and my blood pressure dropped twenty points. Oh, and I have some ocean front beach property for sale in the middle of New Mexico.

In the real world, ten thousand steps a day is not really a challenge. The reason is, there is little else to do. I have lost a few pounds, but I doubt that was from walking an additional four thousand steps a day. I think it has more to do with no place to really eat at except at home. Other than that, the only real change is walking ten thousand steps a day makes sleeping more normal.

With little exercise, and I do not know if this is universal, I start to get cranky. I am tired early in the evening, but I wake up, wide awake at three or four in the morning. Neither of these is fun. Especially the cranky part. You know how it is, you know you are irritable, yet it seems so much easier to go with the flow, than it does to watch what I say.

One thing I do miss however, is the gym. I was going to the gym three to four days a week for weights and HIT on a stationary bicycle. Between the two routines, I was feeling really fit and healthy. For me there doesn’t seem to be a good home replacement for the gym.

Hill I wish I could walk up every day!

Walking up and down a small mound of dirt is poor replacement for a real hill.

I walk swiftly up the small hill by the walking track, but it is at best thirty feet of hill. So it’s walk swiftly up, walk slower down, swiftly up, slowly down. It helps but is not by any stretch of imagination, repetitions of thirty seconds fast and slow on a stationary bicycle provides. Nor is exercising around the house nearly as effective, as the weight machines I alternate each trip to the gym. So life is what it is.

On the bright side, I feel like a child again with more enjoyment in doing nothing. Computers and the Internet fill otherwise empty space in my daily routine. When I was small, we lived way out in the country, and my closest playmate was over a mile away. I couldn’t go alone to play until I was almost nine years old because of the distance. So I had lots of time growing up to enjoy my own company and learn how to stay occupied.

60's computers

If you weren’t an engineer, you never saw or touched one











As for the thirty days of ten thousand steps a day? I am still out there walking almost every day. New Mexico in the spring, besides being very dry, has a lot of high pollen counts, and lots of strong wind. So some days, I do not want to go out and walk. Walking along, blowing my nose every hundred yards from pollen, is not my idea of a food time. I can say however, we have some young artists, who have painted half the rocks in the area. So there is lots of encouragement, and some enjoyment of the artwork while walking.

This time of shut in has been a real transition from life at high speed. What helps me is I grew up with no Internet, Computer and a phone I wasn’t allowed to touch. For me this is like a blast to the past, with more benefits. I hope you are out getting some walking or running every day, and are finding a slower life is not a bad thing.

Freedom from Unwanted Plastic Wrap Cling

This is a little post about Plastic Wrap. If you are like me, you end up fighting with your plastic wrap more often than you simply use it as intended. In the past if I wanted to cover or wrap something bigger than a can or glass, it meant tearing off a piece of plastic wrap, pulling it apart from itself and hoping it stays opened and apart until I wrap whatever I am wrapping.

Last week, I had this epiphany. Like all good ideas, it works wonderfully, and using Plastic Wrap is not longer another frustration in my day. The picture is not very self explanatory, but the best I can do, only having two hands.

Save yourself the headache of Plastic Wrap clinging to everything except your container.

















Here is what you do:


Find a plate or bowl as large or larger than what you are wrapping or covering.


Pull a small portion of Plastic Wrap loose from the box.

Grab the plastic wrap and the plate or bowl together and pull the plastic wrap across the surface.


Tear off once you have the size you want.

The Plastic Wrap will more or less stay attached to the clean plate or bowl, and you can simply turn your plate or bowl upside down over your food and press the Plastic Wrap down to seal or wrap your food.

The hassle of a tangled mess of Plastic Wrap is now a thing of the past!