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Where Have All the Real Blogs Gone?

This is a rant about what passes for Blogs these days. I don’t know about you, but I am really disappointed in almost all the Blogs I try to read. Blogs were created as a platform where a single author … Continue reading

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Manjaro Linux Brief Overview

I recently installed Manjaro Linux, wanting to see what was out there for the leading edge of Linux. There are only a few Linux distributions which are difficult to install these days. There are several Linux distributions aimed at new … Continue reading

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Knee Jerk Gun Control

Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. Should freedom of speech come with any personal responsibility? Some forms of free speech are a criminal offense. Yelling, “Fire”, in a crowded theater is one of the oft used examples. What about … Continue reading

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Fear Monger No More

I think sharing a smile with a stranger is something most of us have been conditioned out of doing. When we are little we had to watch out for the Man offering us candy. As we grew older, we learned … Continue reading

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Working With the Hill

Seen from the top, this path looks like a mild climb. Seen from the bottom, it is steeper than it looks. So how best do we climb the hill? We have three real choices. 1. We can run up the … Continue reading

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